Dotcode Dev/Mystery Event Research (Under Construction)

Finished Projects

e-Reader Manager, a DS homebrew app to inject dotcodes into an e-Reader save file (superior to ii-Reader)

ii-Reader, a wii homebrew app to inject vpk data into an e-Reader save file, similar to Poké-Reader by Team Fail

            (todo: add support for more than just z80 data)

e-Writer (e-Reader based .ek3 injector) 

Kirby 1st Place e-Reader Card Recreation

RS Speedrun 

Meteor Falls Deoxys dotcode (temporarily removed) 

Current Projects (ordered by priority)

takin a break

Decoration Present Regi doll english translation

Important Links

Caitsith2 e-reader page

Tim Schuerewegen's e-reader page (Archived: March 1st, 2021)

Glitch City Labs Archive: Anatomy of an e-Reader Mystery Event

Crystal Tile 2 (hex editor with shift-JIS support)

and many more that I'll add later